Tour of the Florida Territory during the Florida Seminole Wars, 1792-1859.

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Photo from Kissimmee Slough Rendezvous at Big Cypress Reservation, February 1999
from "The Creative Source", Palm Bay, Florida.

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 "Austere remembrance of the deed will hang
 Upon its delicate spirit like a cloud,
 And tinge its world of happy images
 With hues of horror."

"The Florida war consisted in the killing of Indians, because they refused to leave their native home -- to hunt them amid the forests and swamps, from which they frequently issued to attack the intruders. To go or not to go, that was the question."

"Many a brave man lost his life and now sleeps beneath the sod of Florida. And yet neither these nor the heroes who exposed themselves there to so many dangers and sufferings, could acquire any military glory in such a war."

(From "The Army and Navy of America," by Jacob K. Neff, Philadelphia, J.H. Pearsol and Co., 1845.)

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